Our Mission Statement

**All Seeds Are Sold as Adult Novelty Items ; by ordering from this site you affirm to be at least 19 year of age**

**All Seeds Are Sold as Adult Novelty Items ; by ordering from this site you affirm to be at least 19 year of age**

 With Canada's movement towards legalization, my goal is simply to offer reliable products and genetics to my fellow citizens to contribute to a successful grow at an affordable price.


When a single 3 foot plant can produce thousands upon thousands of seeds, why should we be paying on average of $20.00 per seed when I will sell the same genetics for $2.50??I am not here to make a profit, simply to share what I have collected over the past 20 years.


We specialize in iconic Canadian 'legendary' strains, and work to preserve these fabulous  genetics. We quite simply love these beautiful ladies and want to share the work of underground Canadian breeders who have contributed to the cause (before it was overtaken by Corporations). 

While maintaining these Iconic strains, we are also mixing these these old school genetics with what is legally available to Canadians to be the genetic bridge between the old school and the new school...using these old genetics cross-bred with clones provided to registered ACMPR growers by various Licensed Producers.

We have cheap cannabis seeds available while still providing superior genetics. Our cheap marijuana seeds may be the least expensive in North America, while being fresher than those from seeds banks.

Our focus going forward is on feminized cannabis seeds for only $6.00 a seed!!


**All Seeds Are Sold as Adult Novelty Items ; by ordering from this site you affirm to be at least 19 year of age**

**All Seeds Are Sold as Adult Novelty Items ; by ordering from this site you affirm to be at least 19 year of age**

**All Seeds Are Sold as Adult Novelty Items ; by ordering from this site you affirm to be at least 19 year of age**

BIG ORDER BONUS: Every order for over $200.00 before tax gets a free pack of 12-14 Regular seeds to be selected by the breeder.

Seeds are shipped in a protective casing meant to ensure your discretion, with no exterior labelling indicating what is inside. We have faith in the protective aspects of our packaging, and do not replace seeds if claimed to be received crushed. All seeds are in excellent health when packaged, and I do this *personally* to ensure top quality. 


Credit Cards: keep in mind the 'batch' process is still in effect, so it could take approx. 10 business days to send out the shipment. We do not have time to reply to 'when will the order be sent?' inquiries with so many orders per day.

When using  Interac E-transfers, you can choose to cancel the payment if it takes too long to accept it. This is a small operation with a large demand.

Interac E-Transfer:

Send to;


 (we suggest to copy and paste the address). 


Favourite Colour?

Answer: Orange

Please include order number in the subject line.

Again, send e-transfer to:


CryptoCurrency and Bitcoin

Please check the blog regarding cryptocurrency payments for current wallet address. Also be sure to send an email separate from order with the subject being CRYPTO in all caps with your order number in it,. This coupon code is 'CryptoPayment'. Any orders attempting to use the code without paying in cryptocurrency will be cancelled.

Cash Payments;

Please send cash payments to:


PO Box 26021

RPO College

N2G 0A4

**We strongly suggest tracking cash payments to verify they have been received**


Within Canada, Standard shipping orders are normally (but not guaranteed) to be sent out within a week (you will receive a notification regarding this) and can take anywhere from 3 days within Ontario to upwards of 10-11 business days to reach the Coasts. Please be aware of this- Canada Post is NOT fast.

**WE OFFER FREE TRACKING ON ORDERS OVER $75.00 BEFORE TAX  (at normal speeds however)**

The Expedited + Tracking option is $20.00  and gets you the package sent first in line out of each batch, with email updates when it is en-route.


A Focus on Customer Service and Affordable Prices

**All Seeds Are Sold as Adult Novelty Items ; by ordering from this site you affirm to be at least 19 year of age**

A Focus on Customer Service and Affordable Prices

Why pay huge prices for small seeds? We are against the Corporate greed which has invaded this counter-culture.

Feminized Seeds are only $5.00 to $7.00 each, and Regular Seeds are only $2.50 each.

We also aim to have affordable purchase options to allow anybody the option to purchase seeds; our minimum order is only $10.00 (unlike some competitors).

We understand not being able to afford $10 per gram. We understand being a single parent with multiple kids and being like 'wtf?' when even seeds cost so much. I agree.  


As previously stated, we can't dedicate the time to answering general emails such as "when will you ship my order?". Therefore, we have created a blog post "The Sometimes Daily Update". This will typically tell you the date range of orders being packaged, and whether working on expedited, tracked or standard orders of the current sales batch.


If a customer is rude, or overly demanding  such as wanting special treatment in the 'packaging batch', we reserve the right to refund and cancel the order. If paid by credit card, this refund can take up to 7 business days after the refund was issued and will be the paid amount minus the processing fee charged to us. If paid by E-transfer, I will mail you the cash paid for the order as to protect my personal privacy. Rude or offensive emails will land you in the spam folder and future orders will not be processed. We suggest keeping a civil tone if wishing to continue to enjoy the value offered by Just A Handful Seeds.

Contact Us

Send Message:

Just A Handful Seeds

Payment Option Details



We currently accept nterac E-Mail money transfers within Canada, and Mail Orders (cash or money order). We also accept cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin / Litecoin / Bitcoin Cash & Ethereum.)

Please take note of the following prior to ordering. We ask for an email after the order only because our current online store host does not specify which method is being utilized for payment. This can be easily done by replying to your order confirmation email, or by using the 'Contact Us' form on our home page.

CryptoCurrency Payments (Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum)

As the site itself does not want to facilitate direct Bitcoin payments, please proceed as follows.  Now some people have mentioned these addresses are different than the address provided on the 'check out' portion of the site; this is because I use two different wallets. All adddresses posted are correct.

1) Complete the Order (making note of your order number or check confirmation email for it)

2) Go to your own Cryptocurrency wallet and transfer the required funds to the following wallet address: 

ETH: 0xa63634cac9e0969BcA1139FC02B3042AfdAA2485

BTC: 3C6m5DPnKLu2RCRJqyzo8AYUq3XiknrVRU

BCH: qqm2lhx5kerajz5wr4l5acc36lhfsxw7yywqx2j9xy


And remember, you save 20% off using Cryptocurrencies using the code BITSFORSEEDS.

Note: To ensure the correct amount is transferred in Bitcoins, please use a Bitcoin converter. We use http://preev.com/, so it may be wise to use the same so that we see the same values.

Oh, and BTW - you can save 20% on feminized seeds paying by Bitcoin - use the code BITSFORSEEDS

Mail Order Payment

Some people just feel better sending cash...which I am perfectly alright with. To do so, please note your order # and send an email to jahseeds.ca@gmail.com indicating this is the preferred payment method and please send it to the following. LEAVE THE PAYEE SECTION BLANK, otherwise the Money Order will be shipped back to you. ALSO, USE INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDERS WHEN NECESSARY - "MoneyGram" seems to work well.

We strongly suggest you get tracking on your package when using mail order; sadly we cannot fulfill orders where money has been claimed to be sent but never received. This is a secure post-office, not a mailbox that can be stolen from. Again; leave the Payee blank.

J. Hands

PO Box 26021 

RPO College

N2G 0A4

Bank Transfer

To make a purchase, please send an e-mail money transfer/interac e-mail transfer to 'j.handfulls@gmail.com' with your order number in the subject line. For the secret question & answer 'what is favourite colour' with the answer being 'orange'.